Professional Designations:

  • U of T Honours Bachelor in Physical Education and Health (BPEH & Kinesiology) 
  • Lagree Method Trainer
  • Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist
  • Yoga Alliance® Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) & Aerial Gravity, Restorative and Anusara Yoga Teacher 
  • NCCP Level 1 Tennis & Volleyball Coach 
  • Currently studies at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto 
  • Director & Nutrition Consultant for Purium Health Products 

Teaching Background:

I've been an athlete and gymnast since my youth, teaching fitness and sports at sports camps and extra curricular activities of all kinds throughout my life. My teaching interest then focused on mainly yoga, doing three 200 hour certifications and teaching full time in the city since 2010. My most fitness recent teaching endeavor began upon the discovery of - and obsession with - Lagree at Studio Lagree King Street in January 2014, while conveniently working at the restaurant below the studio. A severe chronic neck injury in 2013 halted my teaching and exercise regime for over a year, as high impact sports and Crossfit became too physically demanding and painful to continue. After months of careful rehabilitation, growth and dedicated Lagree attendance, I became a devout member of the Lagree team as an Energy Exchanger, soon thereafter undertaking the role of their full time receptionist. In the meantime, I was able to overcome most of my injury's limitations, strengthen my entire body and reduce my overall pain, not to mention my personal transformation losing 20 pounds!! This lead me to pursue my goal and passion to teach and share my Lagree story of hope by completing my Studio Lagree certification in December of 2015. Everyday I show up to teach and workout, my gratitude and love affair with Lagree grows stronger and deeper.

Why I love Lagree and What you can expect in my class.

Expect to sweat, burn and shake from muscle stacking purposeful sequencing resulting in complete muscle failure, hence sculpting long, lean, flexible, strong muscles and ultimately a sexy youthful physique. My all-inclusive, multi-level classes are fun, athletic and challenge beginners to advanced elite athletes who are ready to work hard and learn body awareness and and fine-tune their movement patterns without plateauing since my routines are ever-changing and evolving as there are endless creative possibilities to advance and diversify each pose.  My passion and raison-d'être is helping every body and willing person reach their personal fitness and health goals, help elevate and realize their highest potential and raise conscious awareness through movement and breath. 

Intertwining low-impact, slow- paced,  intentional breath-facilitated, controlled movements, I stay true to the Lagree method, occasionally spicing up my workouts with higher intensity cardio intervals to assist in efficient calorie-burning metabolism boosts, stepping outside the box to help elevate performance on all levels. I end off my classes with a delicious yoga inspired stretching sequence targeting the key muscle groups worked that day, which will leave you feeling taller and spacious in your own body.

You'll be guided through movements with specific alignment cuing, injury prevention and rehabilitation through hands-on individualized modifications aiming to engage with each student on a personal level to ensure their safety and satisfaction.  

My highly motivating and high energy classes are strength and core based which are fueled by my diverse music playlists that synchronize with and set the tone for the intensity of my workouts, a true extension of my personal inspiration stemming from the Lagree method.