Professional Designations:

  • Lagree Certified Trainer (2016)
  • Freelance Graphic Designer

Teaching Background/Experience:

Having been highly active my entire life, I have always been passionate about athletics and fitness. I  trained as a dancer for 15 years alongside swimming, playing soccer and tennis, and running. Although I pursued a career in graphic design post university, there was a nagging part of me that always knew that I wanted to incorporate my love of fitness and well-being into my professional life. 

Why I love Lagree and What to expect in my class:

In 2013, I moved to Los Angeles and, bored with my traditional running, yoga and spinning workouts, I stumbled into a Lagree pilates studio eager to try something new. After my first class I was hooked, and after about 3 months of practice I knew I wanted to become certified to teach. For me, Lagree is the perfect combination of cardio, strength training and stretching. It combines the best aspects of various forms of exercise into 45 fast-paced minutes. One of my favourite things about Lagree is that it's continually challenging and different so you never grow tired or get bored of the workouts. In my classes, I always aim to mix things up week after week. I am also committed to actively taking classes myself, to expand my own Lagree knowledge and experience, which I can then share with my clients. I like to deliver challenging classes (with updated monthly playlists!) while providing lots of modifications and variations to keep students of all levels pushing their limits. I am extremely passionate about the Lagree method and about my clients, and hope that my enthusiasm and excitement shines through every class!