Professional Designations

  • Lagree Certified Trainer
  • Head Trainer at Studio Lagree
  • Ahimsa (non-harming) Yoga Instructor (pending)

Teaching Background/Experience:

I love moving around and trying out new sports, which led me to coach a high school ultimate frisbee team before getting hired as the first Canadian trainer at Studio Lagree back in February 2013. To compliment the Lagree method, I now also hava Ahimsa (non-harming) Yoga training and will be teaching classes soon.

What I love about the Lagree Method and what you can expect from my class:

You can expect an exciting and thoughtful flow in my classes. I love how the method is full-body and make sure to hit the back, glutes, and tons of core in every time. I love having a medley of fitness levels in class because then there's the added challenge of getting everyone to muscle-failure with enough helpful modifications so that each person gets there on their own terms.