Professional Designations

  • Certified Pilates Instructor 2012
  • BAH Queen’s University 2011

Teaching Experience/Background 

Over the four and a half years of teaching pilates, I have taught at many different studios, and taught every different type of client. From clients with severe injuries, to pregnant clients, to clients who run marathons and compete in Ironman. These experiences have taught me about the body and all the beautiful and mysterious ways it works. My knowledge and experience equips me to teach complex, challenging classes while ensuring the clients safety and enjoyment. 

Why I love Lagree and what to expect in my class 

Lagree is the most challenging and the most exciting work out I’ve ever done. It transformed my body within months, and helped me to be more creative in my own pilates teaching. In my classes, you can expect classic exercises with the brutal addition of holds and pulses. You can expect muscle failure, sweat and a ton of laughs.