Professional Designations

  • Registered Physiotherapist  MSc(PT), 
  • BSc(Ex Science), 
  • STOTT (R) Rehab Pilates Instructor; 
  • Manual Therapist and Medical Acupuncture Provider 
  • Lagree Certified Trainer (2015)

Teaching Background and Experience

I am a fitness professional and Registered Physiotherapist practicing in downtown Toronto, and specializing in orthopaedic and manual therapy, as well as Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation. I have worked with a variety of injuries, pre/post operative conditions, pre/post natal, chronic pain and health conditions, for clients of all ages. I have  spent over 6 years working at The Hospital for Sick Children and currently works at  Mount Sinai Rehab and Wellbeing Centre and Toronto Physiotherapy. 

Why I love Lagree and what you can expect in my class:

I love Lagree because it is an intense, action packed workout with incredible variation, that pushes your limits and challenges your stability, flexibility, strength and endurance… with music!! My goal is to bring my knowledge, expertise and passion for movement and exercise to the Lagree team. I practice what I preach, and am in the studio almost daily taking classes and working on my routines! You can expect challenging and effective routines  for all levels and  and emphasis on proper form and safety in my classes.I am also enthusiastic about my music and uses it to inspire and push clients through the intensity of the workout!