Jennifer McChesney- General Manager

Professional Designations

  • B.A in Psychology from Purdue University
  • B.A in Communication Studies from Indiana University
  • M.S in Kinesiology specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Michigan State University
  • Certified Personal Training Specialist (Can-Fit Pro)
  • Certified Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant (CSPA)
  • Certified HeartMath® Provider (Institute for HeartMath®)
  • Lagree Certified Trainer 

My educational background and work experiences play a large role in the person and professional I am today. Having experience as a NCAA Divison 1 athlete, a Sport Psychology Coach and a Marketing and Human Resource Coordinator, I understand more closely the importance of team dynamics and leadership. Additionally, I understand, in depth, both the mental and physical demands that sport and exercise can have on both athletes and coaches and clients and trainers, alike.  

My journey to Studio Lagree started almost 3 years ago when they opened their doors on King St. As a former competitive athlete, I was looking for something that was still deeply challenging physically but was a little more gentle on my body. My body responded immediately the the Lagree Method and I couldn't believe how humbling it was. When I was made aware that a position was available within the company, I jumped at the opportunity knowing that it married my love for fitnesss with my passion for, and experience in, performance management. 

I am truly dedicated to helping others realize and achieve their potential and committed to improving the experience at Studio Lagree both as an employee and a client. I believe the difference between a good trainer, athlete, exerciser, employee or leader and a great one is their willingness to look for areas they can improve and be motivated enough to work towards improvement. A person who is equipped with confidence in their abilities and has the tools and support to overcome obstacles is one that will not only experience success but also the true joy that sport, exercise or even a job can bring.