Professional Designations

  • Theatre, Fitness & Lifestyle Management, B.A
  • Education, B.A
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor- CSEP- Canadian Sports & Exercise Physiologists.
  • Lagree Certified Trainer (2016)

Teaching Background/Experience 

I am a movement-based professional who seeks opportunity to heal, strengthen and express the human body through physical movement.  In addition to teaching Lagree Fitness Classes, I teach Yoga, Dance and Pilates. I also teach Musical Theatre and Mindfulness-Based Health Courses to school children from grades.

Why I love Lagree and what you can expect from my class.

I love the mind-body connection that Lagree requires. Much-like yoga, it is a series of movements that allow and promote progression. Lagree allows for mindful movement but set to a high-energy atmosphere. Students can expect a challenging physical work-out with a deep connection to their breath. Several seedlings of awareness and attention to muscle groups that are being “worked” are carefully sprinkled throughout the class to possibly add greater depth to one’s overall Lagree experience.