Professional Designations  

  • Honours Degree in Health Studies & Gerontology
  • Master of Art’s Degree in Health & Aging
  • Moksha Yoga Teacher Training 
  • Moksha Flow Yoga Teacher Training 
  • Beyond the barre fitness training 
  • The Barre Approach Fitness Training 

Teaching Background/Experience

  • Moksha Yoga Hamilton 2013-present 
  • Moksha Yoga Aurora 2015- present
  • Moksha Yoga Thornhill 2015- present
  • Moksha Yoga Maple 2015- present
  • The barre fitness studio 2015-present 

I began teaching hot yoga in 2013, while I was completing my undergraduate and Master’s degree at McMaster University. After graduating and searching for a job I began to teach full-time and haven’t stopped! I currently teach yoga and barre at several different studios, spanning the GTA. I teach styles ranging from stretching classes to flow styles of classes, in both heated and non-heated spaces, and I have experience teaching different fitness and accessibility levels, including chair yoga to older adults as part of my undergraduate thesis.

Why I love Lagree and what to expect in my class

In my first lagree class, I felt like I was using the alignment and body awareness from yoga practice and I found a similarity in exercises and intensity from barre- except everything was just.. more intense! I love that this fitness styles combines elements of what I already teach, but the difference in the lagree method gives me a platform to push people past their own perceived limits. In my classes you can expect a lot of focus on alignment and recruiting your smaller stabilizer muscles instead of relying on your larger muscles groups. I love helping people find the “work” in both directions of the movements, and pushing them to stay in their challenge zone, even when their mind is telling them to tap out.