Professional Designations 

  • Lagree Fitness Certified Trainer (2014)
  • Studio K-O Method Trainer (2014)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor 
  • Freelance visual artist

Teaching Background/Experience: 

As a Certified yoga instructor I have taught 500+ hours to a variety of clientele. I have been teacher at Lagree for almost 3 (gasp) years! And, Studio KO teacher for 2 years. I have taught hundreds of classes and hundreds of clients!

Why I love Lagree and what to expect in my class: 

 Lagree is an amazing workout that combines both flexibility and strength. It allows you to target muscles you would hardly be able to otherwise. The main thing I love about Lagree however, is its capability to adjust for a wide range of fitness levels. In my classes, expect an awesome playlist, clear instructions and lots of focus on form. You will be pushed to your limits, but I aim to have you leaving feeling empowered rather than defeated!