Give us all you’ve got and we’ll show you what you’re made of…

Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned Studio Lagree aficionado, we have a class for you. Check out all of our classes below.

Not all classes are offered at all locations, visit our class schedule for details.


This workshop is meant to teach you how to modify our traditional M3 Fusion Classes for safety and the specific needs of women who are pregnant or have given birth in the past year. The WORKSOP provides both an education portion where you will learn the do’s and don’ts for Lagree during and after pregnancy and also a challenging 50 minute workout that targets areas like the pelvic floor and assists in the prevention and management of diastasic recti- a common side-effect of pregnancy. Suitable for both prenatal and postnatal moms who have previous exercise experience. While this is NOT a baby and me class women ARE permitted to bring their child with them provided they stay in a seat or stroller in front of your carriage. We do not provide childcare and children are not permitted on the machines. Select locations only. Please notify us upon booking if you are pregnant.



Combining the intensity of an M3 Fusion class and the energy of a club! This class is sure to keep you distracted from the burn while you sweat it out to the beats of our in-house DJ. Dancing (bears) permitted.



Available only at Studio Lagree/Studio KO locations. This dynamic workout combines 30 minutes of The Lagree Fitness Method and 30 minutes of Studio KO’s authentic box-fit training techniques. The ultimate combination of intense cardio and strength training in one 60-minute class. Your body will thank us.



Our standard practice class. Expect a 50 minute, full-body, workout that targets all parts of the body. Designed to flow seamlessly from one movement to the next sure to keep your heart rate up and your sweat glands work! Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student modifications make this class suitable for all levels.